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Single tooth replacement
Multiple Tooth Replacement
Snap-in Dentures
Fixed Bridges

Full-service Implants


In-House Implants


Dr. Butts and his team of clinicians can continue your routine oral care by assessing your need for implants in your regular office.

Surgery and Materials

At Wellspring Family Dentistry we can care for you every step of the way. We create the implants and perform the surgery in our office.

Healing and Recovery

You do not need to travel anywhere to maintain your oral health. Dr. Butts and his team of clinicians will tend to you every step of the way in your regular dental office.

About Us

Dr. Butts is a Certified Fellow of the Implant Pathway Continuum

Dental implants are aesthetic, versatile, and highly reliable options for single tooth replacement, replacement of multiple teeth, “snap-in” denture retention, and full-arch fixed bridges. Dr. Butts is a certified fellow of the Implant Pathway Continuum via the New Horizon Institute in Tempe, AZ.  We believe that the people of Spartanburg deserve access to world-class options in oral health, and we are committed to continuously developing ways to make implant services more accessible. 
As the cost of implant treatment continues to decrease, implants are rapidly becoming the standard of care, providing better performance and long-term predictability than some older dental restorative procedures. Wellspring is a full-service implant clinic with many options to fit your needs and budget. Call us today to learn how direct tooth replacement with implants can restore your smile to its natural beauty. 
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No Problem!

Tired of paying high premiums for dental insurance? We totally get it!  That's why we created the Wellspring Savings Program!

Adult Membership

For patients 13 and older with regular cleanings and no periodontal disease.

Perio Membership

Periodontal maintenance due to prior  treatment of gum disease

Child Membership

This membership is for children 12 and under.